Pricing Plans

Basic Plan


Perfect for kickstarting your data science career

  • 1 month of weekly 30 minute calls, email support

  • $81/week

Extended Plan


Develop a completed ML portfolio project

  • 3 months of weekly 30 minute calls, email support

  • $74/week

Career Plan


Build a complete data science portfolio to land a job in the field

  • 6 months of weekly 30 minute calls, email support

  • $69/week

Best Value

Premium Plan


Ideal for those who desire more individual attention

  • 1 month of weekly 60 minute calls, email support

  • Ideal for those early in their learning, or who have >25 hours/week to devote to their learning

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask! Happy to provide a quote for any custom plan you may want.

Have a project or issue to discuss? Purchase a paid consultation for $200/hr or $110/30 min

Seeking help with a project? Email Me for my consulting rate.



Learn the skills necessary to land a job

in the competitive field of data science

Personalized guidance and support

Accelerate learning with tailored curriculum and projects

Accountability and motivation

Stay focused on goals with guidance and support to make consistent progress.

Mastery of data science techniques

Acquire expertise in core data science practices: data wrangling, statistical inference, machine learning

Expert help on your job portfolio

Receive valuable guidance in showcasing skills and projects effectively.


Ben is a great mentor with a breadth of knowledge about data science techniques and methods. He helped my during my Data Science bootcamp and gave me guidance when I was unsure about what path I should pursue in my projects and career transition. Ben also gave me a lot of pointers on which data science subjects were high impact and which topics I absolutely needed to know. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with Data Science topics.


Christopher Gardner

Now: Data Engineer @ Meta

Was: Software Engineer, Spectrum Photonics

Ben is an incredible mentor to work with. He genuinely wants to see his students grow and succeed, and goes above and beyond to make sure he can help you understand whatever you're working on-- whether it be creating extra time to meet, or providing additional learning materials. Working with Ben was a fun, positive, collaborative learning experience that has helped me develop a strong Data Science foundation. He comes prepared every meeting, offers great insight, and has plethora of ideas to help you create the products or models you envision.


Mark Essery

Now: Data Science/Business Intelligence Analyst @ Traffic Tech

Was: Professional Hockey Player, Elmira Enforcers

Ben Bell is a skilled data scientist and a thoughtful mentor. He draws from his comprehensive experience in data science to advise and prompt his mentees to learn while exploring new topics. For me, Ben’s guidance was a key element of my success and enjoyment in learning a new field. He addressed my questions thoroughly during our calls and encouraged me to try different approaches to solve stubborn problems. I found that I looked forward to my mentor calls with Ben, and I often ended calls smiling. When I did struggle with technical or analytical problems Ben was simultaneously empathetic and firm in his encouragement to figure out the solution. I highly recommend Ben Bell as a Data Science mentor


Heather Passmore, PhD

Now: Senior Data Scientist @

Was: Adjunct Professor, Murray University

Ben was my mentor for 8 months while I completed a data science program which covered topics such as python, machine learning, and statistics. He is a fantastic mentor and was invested in my success. Not only did he offer guidance, but he consistently pushed me to go beyond and grow to my fullest. His knowledge around complex data science topics and skills as a teacher are vast and I’d highly recommend Ben to anyone.


Sam Beardsley

Now: Data Engineer @ Upptic

Was: Senior Media Planner, Booyah Advertising

I was fortunate to have Ben as my mentor during the data science bootcamp. Ben's biggest strength as a mentor is his exceptional motivational skills that makes one push beyond boundaries towards superior outcomes. At the same time, he is good at providing both high level perspective as well as microscopic inputs. I wish him the very best!


Amit Kukreja, MBA

Now: Data Science Educator @ Various

Was: Associate Business Unit Leader, Multy Home

Ben mentored me in my efforts to learn the fundamentals of data science over the course of six months (Sep 2020 - March 2021). Under Ben's guidance, I completed two original data science/machine learning projects. His supportive input and constructive criticism significantly contributed to the quality of these projects, and his thoughtful suggestions caused me to expand the scope of my skills. I was able to learn and digest an enormous amount of material under Ben's mentorship and would strongly recommend him as a mentor if you are interested in learning lasting applicable skills in data science and machine learning..


Scott Atkinson, PhD

Now: Data Science Engineer @ Merkle

Was: Visiting Assistant Professor, UC Riverside

IG: @breakthroughdatascience


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